We use the present continuous to talk about about current actions, about what your are doing right now, at the moment.
Look at the picture – what are the ducks doing? What is Mr. Green doing?


The present continuous is very easy, you just need the verb to be and the -ing form. Let’s practice!
We use the present continuous to describe pictures, scenes etc.

The birds are singing.
The cat is climbing.
Paul is watering flowers.
Grandfather is sleeping.
Grandmother is drinking tea.
Mrs Green is listening to the radio.
Mr Green is reading a newspaper.
Simon is leaning on the table.
Mike is cleaning the window.
The girls are playing with dolls.
The ducks are swimming in the pool.

See? Everything is happening right in front of your eyes − you can see Paul, the girls …, you can “hear” the birds, the radio …, e. g. Look! Grandfather is sleeping. Listen! The birds are singing.

Try this exercise.
This one is not difficult.

Now do the following exercises:
exercise 1 (* progressive = continuous)
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exercise 5
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