There are two types of questions in English. 

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1. YES/NO QUESTIONS (Is Betty at school?)

  • they always begin with an auxiliary verb (Do/Does/Am/Is/Are/Did/Was/Were/Have/Will/Would/Can/Could …)
  • the answer can be either YES or NO + auxiliary verb = SHORT ANSWER
  • example: Does your friend read a lot? → Yes, he does./No, he doesn’t.
  • in Slovene these questions begin with “Ali …?”


2. WH- QUESTIONS (Where is Betty?)

  • they always begin with a QUESTION WORD (What/Who/Where/When/Why/How …)
  • the answer can’t be Yes/No, but a new information, e. g. My car./My mum./At home./In the evening./Because I like it./Very quickly …
  • example: Where were you yesterday? → I was at home.
  • in Slovene these questions begin with “Kdo/Kaj/Kje/Kdaj/Zakaj/Kako …?”


You can see a more detailed English explanation with tables and then do many various exercises in different tenses.

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